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At VGF, several innovative projects are currently being driven forward at the same time. They vary in size and influence, are at different stages (in operation, implementation or planning) and originate from almost all technical departments. In addition to completed projects such as the driver assistance system (FAST), other projects are already in the implementation phase. But whether it’s metros or trams, signalling, workshops or track and overhead line construction: The great need for modern, high-performance, sustainable and reliable public mobility can only be met by innovatively developing and building on this 151-year-old successful model.

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Ideas for tomorrow’s mobility

In order to make underground and tram transport, as well as the entire network, fit for the future, the system must be carefully and consistently developed further. To this end, VGF is reviewing a number of projects for their feasibility and financial viability, because not everything that is feasible is also sensible. On the other hand, some things that seem unfeasible at first glance will soon fundamentally change and improve local public transport – and VGF has already launched some of these innovative projects for the future.

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