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Collision & Overspeed Monitoring & Prevention Assistance System

Innovative assistance system for trams

With COMPAS, another innovative assistance system for trams is being tested at VGF.

COMPAS stands for “Collision & Overspeed Monitoring & Prevention Assistance System”. It warns the driver of excessive speed on the basis of stored and locally applicable speed limits by means of the fleet management system FMS (Fleet Management System). He or she can then adjust the speed and prevent accidents or dangerous situations that could occur due to excessive speed.

In order to collect data and further improve the functions of this assistance system, VGF equipped a tram car (the “S” car 212) with a test version in 2020. The company currently operates 74 trams of this type. Whether COMPAS can be integrated into further vehicles in the fleet depends on how the pilot phase progresses, and on discussions with the vehicle manufacturer Bombardier Transportation / Alstom.