Innovation VGF

Service and Security

Extensive Upgrading, Migration and Expansion (SuS-EME)

Modernisation of service and security facilities:

More safety, better service thanks to new hardware and software

VGF is renewing the facilities belonging to the “Service and Security” complex with two major projects that build on each other. “SuS”, as it is abbreviated, comprises video cameras and the emergency call and information columns (NIS) connected to them in the VGF network, as well as the SuS control centre itself. “Service and Security” is intended to deliver a sustainable improvement, both in terms of the subjective feeling of security for passengers and to increase the objective level of security.

Under the project name “Service and Security – Extensive Upgrading, Migration and Expansion” (SuS – EME), VGF is renewing the control centre software currently deployed, as well as some of the 690 video cameras used to monitor stations and other facilities around the clock, in five construction phases.

The system, which has been in operation since the 2006 Football World Cup in Germany, has grown in the course of three construction stages to 806 cameras and 161 NIS in 27 underground and 16 overground stations. All camera images, emergency calls or other calls received via the NIS converge in the SuS control centre, which has also been part of the modern VGF control centre in terms of the dedicated space since March 2018 (and the commissioning of a new building). It coordinates the smooth operation of the nine underground and ten tram lines.

The control centre software consists of an event management system (EMS) and a video management system (VMS). The modernisation measures started in July 2020 and cost EUR 3.76 million. Its purpose is to support the workflows in the SuS control centre and to detect emergencies sooner, so that they can then be responded to even more rapidly.

The “SuS – EME” project includes, among other things, the replacement of 354 analogue cameras with high-resolution IP cameras to monitor above-ground and underground stations, as well as tunnel openings and emergency information pillars. The project also includes the replacement of 87 analogue PTZ (pan-tilt) cameras with digital PTZ cameras. All cameras concern devices at existing locations. The renewal project also includes new video storage and digitisation solutions, the installation of modern server locations and the expansion of the network infrastructure.

The VGF control centre, the “heart” of Frankfurt’s public transport system, along with individual divisions of the company, will be equipped with modern operator stations based on the event management system software from Hexagon. They are intended to help employees to better assess critical situations and, if necessary, to react quickly and efficiently. Another “centrepiece” of the renovation project is the new video management system from the company Qognify. With its many new functions (such as alarm image activation, situation plan displays, etc.), it facilitates the processing of operations by the SuS control centre. The digitalisation of hardware leads to the easier and faster processing of operations and incidents thanks to considerably better camera images, a higher degree of view flexibility and more display options.

VGF has reached various “milestones” with the help of the project:

  • Setting up a central video storage in three server rooms
  • Setting up the central video analysis environment at four locations
  • Extension of the process network for the bandwidth
  • Construction of two additional SuS operating stations
  • Virtualisation of the overall system
  • Implementation of a new event management system (EMS) in conjunction with a video management system (VMS) for the SuS control centre.
  • Connection of all video cameras in the new overall system (parallel to the old system)

The final acceptance of the modernisation took place in December 2021. Since then, the system has been continuosly expanded, modernized and improved.

The expansion of the entire system in the course of construction stages 4 to 6 will build on “SuS – EME”.