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Service and Security

SuS – EME Construction stages 4, 5 and 6

Expanding the “Service and Security” system

With construction stages 4, 5 and 6, VGF is further expanding its “Service and Security” system. The prerequisite for the expansion is completing the modernisation of those facilities set up in the first three construction stages (cameras, emergency call and information pillars), which are already in operation. This modernisation runs under the project name “Service and Security – Extensive Upgrading, Migration and Expansion” (SuS – EME) and, in addition to the renewal of many cameras previously installed, includes the complete new construction of the system. Without the SuS-EME project, the conversion of the service and security system from analogue to digital technology at the end of both projects would not be possible.

Since the 2006 World Cup, the system has been put into operation in construction stages 1 to 3 with what used to be 690 cameras and 161 emergency call and information columns (NIS) in 27 underground and 16 above-ground stations. All camera images, emergency or information calls received via the NIS converge at the SuS control centre, which has also been part of the new VGF control centre since March 2018. Traffic on nine underground and ten tram lines is monitored there.

The number of cameras has increased due to the expansion of property protection systems in 2022 and the implementation of construction stage 4 in 2023. In addition, new emergency call and information displays (NIV) were put into operation on the U5 line as part of construction stage 4 with the aim of improving the objective feeling of safety at these stations. These NIVs have the same functionalities as an NIS and give passengers the opportunity to make an emergency or information call to the SuS control center on the spot.


In construction stages 4 to 6, all 45 above-ground underground stations that are not yet connected to the system, as well as 20 additional tram stops, will be equipped with the modern system:

  • Construction stage 4 (by April 2024) with 15 underground stations and one tram stop.
  • Construction stage 5 (2025/2026) with eleven underground stations and three tram stops
  • Construction stage 6 (2026/2027) with 19 underground stations and 16 tram stops.

The construction stages are based on the technical connection options: In some cases, the connection to the VGF internal process network (PNW) is already in place (construction stage 4), while in others – as in construction stages 5 and 6 – it must first be established.

The aim of the SuS extension with construction stages 4 to 6 is to equip the entire area with emergency call stations (NIS, NIV, etc.) and the associated security technology for all all passenger shelters – including parts of the platform – at all above-ground underground stations, as well as at selected tram stops with high passenger volumes, e.g. due to interchanges. In addition, parts of the platform will also be taken into consideration when improving emergency response. This is intended to increade the quality of service, improve passengers’ subjective perception of security and to increase the actual level of security.

However, VGF plans go even further.

In addition to the SuS construction stages 4, 5 and 6, these include:

  • Renewal of platform cameras (IFE cameras) and the object protection systems (implementation from 2025)
  • Adjustments/extensions to the event management system
  • Modernization of existing light rail stations (e.g. Niddapark)
  • Improvements to the technical components of the SuS control center (video wall, clients, etc.)
  • Replacement of the old cameras on the A line (in 2024)
  • Digitization of the object protection of the tunnel mouths (pilot in 2024)
  • Expansion of video technology at VGF depots.