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Frankfurt MIND(+)

The public transport of tomorrow: multi-modal, intelligent, sustainable and digital

“Frankfurt MIND(+)” is a joint innovative project being run by the transport company Verkehrsgesellschaft Frankfurt am Main (VGF) and the road traffic office for Frankfurt am Main (Straßenverkehrsamts Frankfurt) that will create the conditions for a multi-modal, intelligent, sustainable and digital (MIND) mobility offer in the city.

The aim is to strengthen public transport, especially rail-based local passenger transport, by optimising road transport technology. In doing so, all modes of transport – public as well as private – and traffic lights will be linked in such a way that traffic will run as efficiently and smoothly as possible in the future.

In addition, with the help of “Frankfurt MIND(+)”, we can enhance the capacities of public transport by increasing the frequency of services and perhaps shift passenger and freight transport even further from road to rail, and from car to train – without having to accept a loss of quality for the citizens of the city of Frankfurt am Main.

This, in turn, serves sustainability and climate protection, because if the quality of public transport increases and private motorised transport decreases as a result, the emission of pollutants such as nitrogen oxide and CO2 will also fall.

“Frankfurt MIND(+)” is closely linked to the project “Digital Train Control System Frankfurt” (DTC), as both projects aim at achieving holistic traffic optimisation in the tunnel and above ground.

In the years to come, the concepts and planning for the project will be further developed, pilot setups will be launched, and test runs will be carried out so that we can go into operation in 2024.

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