Innovation VGF


Development of infrastructure control technology

In-house development

VGF currently uses the Siclimat X management system to monitor its infrastructure facilities. In addition to all the technical facilities associated with the underground stations and tram stops, the infrastructure facilities also include a number of properties – such as depots and office buildings.

Siclimat X is used to monitor, switch and control installations – such as fire protection, traction current and lighting systems, announcement systems, escalators, lifts and heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems. The system has been in use since 1996, but has not been supported by the manufacturer for some time and is, therefore, not subject to further development. For this reason, it will no longer be possible to meet the increasing safety requirements of the system landscape with Siclimat X in the future.

For this reason, VGF considered a new system that would cover the entire range of VGF-specific requirements (such as measurement, control, monitoring, energy management, fault management, etc.). After extensive market research, it became clear that no “off-the-shelf” system would meet all requirements. For this reason, VGF acquired the WinCC OA (WinCC Open Architecture) software in 2020, on the basis of which VGF employees will develop a new SCADA system over the next few years.

A SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system is a set of software applications for process control that are used to retrieve data in real time from remote locations. In the future, this will meet not only the specific needs of VGF, but also the end-users’ wishes for intuitive operation, modern design, new modules and energy consumption monitoring.
As part of this project, VGF must expand its existing IT network and system landscape.

Important milestones include:

  • Project start 2019
  • Tender and awarding of contract to Siemens AG in 2020 (WinCC OA product)
  • Completion of the specifications phase 2021
  • Setting up the system architecture (with hardware, network and server rooms) 2022-2024
  • Software development in several phases from 2023
  • Migration of inventory data from 2023
  • From 2024 development of the basic system and provision of the system for selected end-users