Innovation VGF


Digitalisation of internal communication

VGF’s transport service has been working with tablets since the beginning of 2021. On these Samsung mobile devices, colleagues can find a lot of information relevant to the transport service itself, such as service instructions, announcements and procedural instructions. There are also links to the duty roster, the electronic ordering of uniforms and the transport service’s own forum. Now, all persons in the transport service can also be reached by email, and they can access MS Teams. An app for notes and Google Maps, a clock and a calculator are also available.

Visually, various icons create a user-friendly app environment, and from a technical standpoint, VGF can use the content management system (CMS) that is already in place through the Intranet. This not only makes the solution particularly cost-effective, but also allows for the fully-fledged and future-proof integration of transport service colleagues into the existing communication infrastructure.

approximately 1,000 mobile devices

More internal forms will soon be digitised, bringing VGF a step closer to its goal of a paperless transport service.

VGF has purchased approximately 1,000 of these mobile devices and trained all transport service employees in their use in the first and second quarters of 2021. In future, this instruction will take place during apprenticeship training (and in relation to new functions) during service lessons. For this purpose, an online training course can also be completed.