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With strong partners, we make the innovations of the future possible.

Our partners from A to Z

Innovative ideas are turned into innovative projects in a variety of ways, which are then used in vehicles or in infrastructure facilities such as the operations control centre. Often, the initiative comes from VGF itself, as in the case of the FAST driver assistance system, but occasionally VGF also takes up suggestions from outside, e.g. from the automotive sector. But all projects have one thing in common: The development from the initial idea to series production is not possible without strong and reliable partners.

VGF is pleased that it can count on its partners. However, it is also happy to be a helpful partner for large, small and, in any case, high-performance companies from industry or research. This can be seen from the lively participation in tenders.  

This page contains an overview of the VGF partners involved in the projects mentioned.